Save Our Dog Park

Sitting on the corner of wacker and harrison, is the gem of all Chicago dog parks. The dog park is propped up on a hill, overlooking a beautiful view of the surrounding skyscrapers.

Unlike all the other cement dog parks in the city, this is the only grass park. It also has an enclosed fence surrounding. The grounds are landscaped and well maintained by the Chicago Park District.

The dog owners who visit the dog park are from surrounding buildings, as this part of the city is concentrated with high-rise apartments. The visitors do their part as well to maintain a clean dog park.

“This park is new so everyone who comes here definitely cleans up after their dog to maintain the quality of the park. You can’t find a better dog park than this one,” said Darrel Thomas, dog owner who frequents the park.

Although lately, many dog owners are reporting that Chicago Police are issuing warnings for dogs off their leash at the park. However there are no signs anywhere in the dog park that instructs dog owners to curb their dog.

“In the past month, I have had three warnings to curb my dog from Chicago Police. I have been coming to this dog park since it opened about a year ago. Never once have I had an issue with letting my dog run freely in the locked park,” said Thomas.

“What am I suppose to do, lock myself in the dog park and walk around with my dog on a leash? That is silly. They are changing the rules on us and we fear that the Park District will turn it into a dog-free park,” said Rachel Steire, dog owner.

Monty and I frequent this park often since it is one block from our apartment building. The dog owners in the area are organizing a group called South Loop Dog Pac, to discuss these issues with the Chicago Park District. We need help to save our leash-free dog park!

Visit these links for more information

Chicago Dog Parks 

South Loop Dog Park Action Cooperative 


King of the dog park, wacker and harrison st.

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